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is heading to is painful it into the ocean the canadian minister david campbell or bodies about going fundamentalism in bondi based. i didn't affect the business community. he believes that the point of the security forces have of god has done especially boating artist on make it more in practice to used on this day to organizations that in cottage style into the county's day on the bench with jamal is on a jetty on it and it's clear that love people. what a kick out of afghanistan and the worry and tori i have this is that everybody just so we're leaving in one we're going to ignore problems in places like pakistan and it makes it easier for fundamentalism to prevail and that when i think would be an utter tragedy for the people of bangladesh are core to stand for. in the al qaeda and she had this were to prevail in the bangladesh or india bangladesh. as minister i have enormous admiration for the people there there is ample a garment industry is doing source the twenty one billion dollars of many jobs is that create harmony in ten races that give a future to come any better lives to
prime minister david campbell. israeli prime minster pitcher netanyahu said he wanted to go but after he found that of which the trip was going to cost some three hundred thousand us dollars and that he was going to be a logistical nightmare with three of whom reportedly said it was unfortunately impossible for him to attend. nelson mandela was south africa's first black president who steered his nation the apartheid into multi race democracy. he died late on tuesday at the age of ninety five after months of illness. i. the long. i the community. and more the one. ross. the root of the i get . the did gcses zz you. sheen is missed when in jail for the media's for demonstrating for the reinstatement of the coast is known as president to come up more seats will be released after four quarts this instance is the case that an outraged opposition groups and human rights campaigners. the case that led to accusations that the army backed authorities were becoming as draconian as the muslim brotherhood to my route has accused the brotherhood of modern terrorism since else that more sequels and i
and we also see matt campbell full on on on the baltic sea. the bodies of the strong winds as if the course investment since the construction works on at ten one of daddy's not just that when pots in construction also in pots has been halted. it's everybody's bracing themselves for what this night will bring. thank you very much for that and doing and get the intelligence to dry. well you know how other parts of your first and were on the line out to marcus donation the dutch town of forks. marcus the storm hit the air before it hit germany what was it like how much damage to the cops well i hope it was what it was really curious because if you have to wait but don't get that baby and i get that you're going to get going by bike is light and dark hole of the storm as they call it the storm here in the middle and spot on the other hand was a bit with both of them the anchorage airport and on the demo far away from somewhat. operating the way of life camp of thousands of commuters were affected especially in the face of the bank had to come to think of it in great part of nor
came into their new teammates as he was the m e i mean he was of royal campbell and dad and that you need this review i'll delete on main theories to tea with studded team and candidates always accomplishment when standing at how wonderfully it and asked me about gifts and mini holiday on. and an amazing man and his spirit to them last week. but aside from his personal timing is also the father of one conference call. the rainbow nation body it is going to become of his vision for south africa. anyways his vision has or maybe as they remain nation being freelance it back in there with that in south africa now with my nephews of mine uses and at the schools. isn't this thing anymore p u p i can get indian hindu why people make in a user you could say that he can play with business and racial connotations in the mall and tan. i think in some ways and socializing costs to the racial badly and that must be knit on it instead of having common goal and the other province in the country that the racial one thing is that of the eu piece of punishment that is i think his vision has come to i
at the prospect that alex campbell who is in the capital. he can cross and now for the latest alex what's the situation where you want monday to saturday well we're still getting reports that only groups that have been dead and a caring outing sections of pink targeting civilian populations and uncaring know is carrying carrying machetes as some residents to have been saying that they stole the snowmen had stolen a neighbor's house for instance the account that they would be the most names for instance and or affiliates of the former rebel coalition or affiliated to the vet and tebow tracking units that are going speak ordinated attacks against that the cab to school at forty eight hours giving you the streets of mt or mt. the air as you said that the red cross and the grange years beat the all bishops in residence. went out to the to recover the police that were going in the ground in the civil neighborhoods he tasted the fabric of the death of a three hundred people on staying in room they had they'd play norths to the rapid told me that they fear they might come head to head with tha
duncan campbell i'm sweet and always have allowed recruitment intelligence relationship with food waste during the years the cold war i'm a fiend tend to secretly in. to the club hosts the big spots in which they all thought this would be nice to get to that prime minister in return for betraying the tennessean secure a whole austin ate those and many of their own citizens. sweden was the largest collaborate to europe with the internet typing program run by the fine arts group of english speaking countries um and it said it does so because of its direct access the cables to the baltic and it's no surprise that the chp and nsa would want that as well as everything else is that they can take from st despite the criticism some governments protect their spine programs is something essential day this week the editor of britain's got the new sky to face questioning by and pains he believes that the publishing it's nice that the nation's put a dent in national security. jenna's claim eighty believes his old haunt of the from being pound guy this is because as the seafront own consumption is re
far the message it was duncan campbell says sweetness is still really help the us with intelligence betraying the privacy of the citizens in neighboring states in the process i'm sweet and always had a lover of intelligence relationship with food waste to the new cold war. i am taping tend to secretly in. to close the vics pockets in which they often this will be nice to get to that prime minister in return for betraying the tennessean secure a poll of polls than a dozen many of our own citizens. sweden was the largest collaborate to europe with the internet typing program run by the faeries group of english speaking countries. um and if so it does so because it fits direct access to cable for the baltic and it's no surprise that the chp units a week long back as well as everything else is that they can take from st. across the north sea the editor of britain's guardian newspaper was grilled and we can attend a hearing for publishing stories exposing the scale of global surveillance which the patients will topple the government accuses the type of encouraging terrorism though by rev
time campbell that says just do it in fact if up to fifteen eighty and eighty in an era in the west of the country so we have meal investments coming in geneva. nobody's looking to invest in the context but i would call a champ as i said the housing sector is up but to be kicked off on a factory is coming in and that was thought of as a boy and non oil minerals leaving the country that sent the help of the senseless is open and don't forget we have the creative industries the sentences. nigeria has come and i dis movie industry and the well known london yes many state and at two hundred thousand direct jobs and the anime that it jumps to fifty million dollars in bank accounts. if you eat you mentioned are atop the few companies that have been investing in nigeria who are investing in nigeria. gee think though that western companies have been too slow to catch on to the growth that is taking place now in nigeria and elsewhere in africa for instance because there has been so much focus on chinese investments in africa and the pasta it's a ticket. well let me say this that when you loo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)